“Yoel, did you see that girl?”

October 2nd 2012. Sekitar pukul 10 malem. Jalan kaki mau pulang rumah bareng roomate. Suhu 10C-an mungkin alias dingin.

*papasan berkali2 ama cewek sorority yang mau party, plus busana kurang jaitan mereka*

Me: “Do you know what? Isn’t cold for them? I always see them with that kind of dress and they don’t look freezing at all.”

Roomate: “Neee. I am sure it is cold for them. So you just know what are their motives.”

Me: “I don’t know. Maybe their motives is not as bad as what you think. Maybe it is just the trend. Because every one dresses like that in a frat or sorority party so you kind of  need to adhere with that social rule.”

Roomate: “Maybe not. Everytime I see women dress like that in this cold weather, I just read the word “stupid” in their foreheads….”

…..selang berapa lama…

Roomate: “Yoel, did you see that girl? That is HOT for me! In this weather, she wears jeans and north face jacket. She is HOT.”

Me: “Hahahahhaha. I will write your quote in my blog.”


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