He’s the man the’die wanned y’du’ meet….

Kopi-an dari tweetalk kemarin.

1. I am really thankful to have friends who always correct my pronunciation.The following are things I learned from them.

2. Kalau nemu “t” diantara vowel sounds, keluarin quick “d” sound. Jd better -> bedder, it is -> id is, notice -> nodice, etc

3. Kalau nemu “t” setelah huruf “n”. T nya silent (ga perlu diucapin). Center -> cener. Wanted -> waned, tweNTy,iNTernet,etc.

4. Kalau nemu “t” sebelum “n”, n nua diucapin hard diakhir. Certain -> cert-ein, mountain -> mount-ein, written,curtain,etc

5. Beberapa kata dgn silent v or w: answer -> an-ser, draw -> dro, grow, know,low,own,saw,show,slow,snow.

6. Bbrp kata dengan silent “l” : could->coud, half -> haf, should, talk,walk, and would.

7. Ini yg gw baru tau bgt waktu disini. “Been” ga disebut sbg “bin” as bintang tp sbg “ben” as benang. Kalau “bin” itu british english.

8. Kalau akhiran sebuah kata suaranya sama ama awalan kata berikutnya, cukup diomongin sekali. With them -> withem, first time -> firs’time.

9. T + y diakhir boleh dilafalin as “choo”. what about you? -> what abou’ choo. Choo as in curang.

10. D + y diakhir boleh dilafalin as “joo”. Did you finish yet -> di’joo finish yet?

11. Pake y or w untuk konek huruf vokal. Co-ed -> co’wed. Created -> cree-yaded.

12. Sekian. Next time share lg hasil rampokan gw. ๐Ÿ™‚


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