Kaleidoskop 3.0 – 2015


It is that time again. Time to brag about my achievements and mourn on my lows. Here is it 2015 in one post:

The Ups!

  1. During 12 months, I traveled to Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy. Montenegro. Norway, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Vatican, Turkey, and Indonesia. 16 countries which 11 of them I have never visited before. So kudos for my thirst for being globe-trotter. The highlight was Norway and Iceland. I really like the nature of those two countries/
  2. My writing about “12 moron things that I am used to believe (as a Christian)” was viral. There was even one day where there were more than 130k people read it. It was a bitter sweet for me. Yes I love that my writing got attentions but on the other hand the mean comments were indeed mean. Hahhaha. Because of this writing I was also interviewed by one Indonesian magazine. Def a new experience for me. 🙂
  3. I was promoted! Wohoo! Wrote about my dillema on choosing between two choices on this writing. But finally  I chose to stay in three stripes, was promoted, and the good news: they did not give me any penalty policy if I leave the company later on. Also got a UX certification from Nielsen Norman Group after one week training in London. Quite nice since my company paid for this overpriced training
  4. Traveled around Europe with my family. My mother, two sisters, brother in law, nephew, and niece. It was such a good time. Although on the last day, something terrible happened to us. I wrote this as a post-contemplation writing after the accident.
  5. Worked with my three other friends from London, Paris, and Singapore to create jendela. We won hackathon merdeka 3.0 for this application. quite proud of this.

The downs…

  1. Failed in building a relationship. So still single for the whole 2015. Poor Yoel. :p
  2. So many depression moments I  experienced in 2015. Maybe one of the darkest year I’ve ever had. Even though 2016 maybe worse.
  3. Was very close to one of my dream jobs in  a dream city but was fail after the final step.
  4. Failed on the only 2015 year resolution I had: learn German
  5. Did not finish reading many books. Social media, netflix, youtubes and online streaming movies really kill my bookworming activities.


so 2016, please be nice to me. I don’t want to die young or kill myself. Prost!



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