Menghitung Hari

Hari ini 24 April 2016, tepat 2 bulan sebelum gw berencana buat meninggalkan Jerman dan 3stripes: 24 Juni. After a long and winding process, I have decided to resign from 3stripes and leave Europe. It was not an easy decision since I  am really enjoying my time here in Europe. I love the laid back culture, the living quality, the fresh air, the people, the company I work at, etc. So many things that I will miss: my friends, 3stripes, traveling around Europe, and my me-time in my car. But the decision has been made. Pros and Cons have been considered and I decided to leave. On 30 March, I wrote my resignation letter to 3stripes and April 10th, I signed my new contract.

I am nervous and tired. Nervous of the new place. I am nervous with the new office, the new environment, and the future uncertainty. I am tired of working on all of the relocation nitty-gritty. Finding new apartment, buying furniture, opening bank account, finding internet and phone provider, working on a work permit, etc. But what really turns me off is the fact that I need to make new friends and build relationship from scratch again. I have experienced that making a (good) friend is not an easy job. Many time need to be invested. And now, after almost 2 years living in Germany, I need to leave all of the good friends that I have here and start from the zero again. What a life.

Pardon my ranting. It is funny since I am the one who made the decision to leave the country but I am also the one who complains a lot. 🙂

But deep inside my heart, I think I am also excited on what God has in store for me. Yes, I am little bit tired my nomadic life. But yes, based on my experience, it proves that all the hassle are worth it, considering all new experience that I savored.

Wish me luck!

(yang lagi pusing ngejual barang2 di apartemen, ngejual mobil, ngurusin birokrasi jerman, deregister internet, deregister insurance, dan tetek bengek lainnya)


Will miss you so much buddies!



10 thoughts on “Menghitung Hari

  1. Halo Kak Yoel, i’ve been following your blog since like 2 years ago tapi baru berani komen sekarang karena gak kenal personally :”). long story short, waktu itu lagi getol2 nya nyari overseas scholarship lalu terdampar di blog ini. walaupun fullbrightnya gak goal, i’m really impressed by your way of thinking and how you live your life like an adventure, jadi terus ngikutin blognya sampe sekarang (termasuk add fb, hahaha! *yes i’m a fan! LOL*). good luck on your next adventure. keep writing, and looking forward to your next stories!! 😀

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