I am a nUber!! Wohooo!

Yes, since last week I have been joining Uber. Long story short, actually I applied to Uber Amsterdam but they offered me a very interesting role based in Uber Singapore. So here I am, stucked in this urban canyon once more. 🙂

The first impression so far is so good. I am the only product team who is based in SG, and most (or all) of my counterparts are based in the HQ in SF. So why do they put me in SG? Because my role will focus on bringing Uber products closers to South East Asia region, meaning I will travel a lot in SEA, talk to our customers and learn their needs and behaviours. I am very stoked!

One of the best perks of being Uber employee is Uber credits which means I can roam freely with UberX and order food via UberEats, all free. I am afraid that I gonna gain too much weight in a second. I have been ordering these ayam penyet and es cendol for three consecutive dinners. 😦 Breakfast and lunch are also free and the office pantry is always full with food and milos. I forecast that there will be a double chin soon. :p

to make it worse, UberX makes me very lazy to take MRT, meaning less calories burnt for walking.

We buy groceries via Honest bee app, delivered to the front of our doors. Order dinners via UberEats. Roam around using UberX. It is a fine line at what point do I go over the edge from getting rid of time suckers from my day to getting rid of everything that makes me human and my brain functioning…

For the next two weeks, I will be in SF, meeting my manager and my teams. So excited that finally I can eat in-and-out burgers again. 😀 Will talk more about the company once I settle in!

View from my apartment’s window. Stucked in this urban canyon once more.


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