Let me be sombong for a second.
“Also wanted to share that after a nice catch up session w Yoel this week I was inspired by the rental “try it on” story in SEA. I will use it as part of an experiment I’m running with home chefs. Congrats Yoel!” – Hillary

“Way to go, Yoel!!! See, I told you everyone was talking about your amazing work!” – Lisa

“Go Yoel! 

Inspiring and eye-opening work! ” – Maria

“Well deserved Yoel! It’s incredible how many projects, PMs and designers you’ve been supporting in your short time here. You’ve definitely been pushing everyone’s work to higher levels of quality and helped start closing the experience gap with the regional competitors. Congrats Mr. Black Knight!” – Matt

“This is awesome Yoel! Well deserved šŸ™‚ You are the epitome of collaboration and making locally inspired impact across teams.” – Elisha

“Well deserved! Your work is tremendously helpful on almost every project in SEA :)” – Peiyu

#sombong šŸ™‚


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